Angkor Golf Resort

For every golf lover, Siem Reap has prepared an extravagant golf resort for you – the Angkok Golf Resort. Actually, there is a chance to witness the beauty of the golf resort as you will stay longer on your vacation.

The resort is designed by a popular legend originated from Europe. It was the idea of Sir Nick Faldo that raised the flagship of the Angkor Golf Resort. Thanks to his wild imagination that he came up this brilliant design of the golf course. It’s located at close proximity of Siem Reap International Airport.

Do you want to see world-class views and great attractions? You’ll see many more as you will be guided to tour to the best of Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Try a Hit at the Faldo Course

Faldo Course is one of the best Golf Course that you should try in Siem Reap. There is an extreme and fun adventure at Faldo Course as you explore what it offers to tourists like you.

For reservations and transportation arrangement, please contact us through :


T: +855 63 964 406 (The Privilege Floor by BOREI ANGKOR)

T: +855 63 965 555 (The Privilege Floor by LOTUS BLANC)

T: +855 63 969 006 (The Privilege Boutique)

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