Angkor Silk Farm

Have you seen silk for real? Not the one that’s stitched to dress but the raw one. Well, if you haven’t seen it for real, there’s a place in Siem Reap where you can see many of them.

At a picturesque countryside in Siem Reap lies the perfectly-heaven Angkor Silk Farm owned by artisans. It’s open for the public every 8am to 5pm everyday. Visit the place before the day ends and it is really fun worth watching. The eco-friendly unit there is customized for silk production. With your stay in the silk farm, you will learn interesting facts about silkworm breeding and harvesting techniques used in the farm. There are lots of artifacts present so you can buy some for souvenirs. If you want to see the silk production yourself, visiting Angkor Silk Farm is truly worth your time and effort.

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T: +855 63 964 406 (The Privilege Floor by BOREI ANGKOR)

T: +855 63 965 555 (The Privilege Floor by LOTUS BLANC)

T: +855 63 969 006 (The Privilege Boutique)

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