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Family dining experience


Made by Chef's Creative Specialty Sweet and Sour Fish Recipes Coupled with Wok-Fried Vegetables and Garlic Sauce.

The menu is available for lunch and dinner.
For reservations, please contact us at | +855 63 966 707.

$48+/Set Per Couple

A succulent healthy dish of our Seasonal Freshwater Tilapia is as much a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Tilapias are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers or lakes. The species won consumers’ popular selection due to its mild flavor and taste in addition to low-fat content and rich source of high quality protein. Due to the range of health benefits provided, Tilapia has even made its way into our impressive Chef’s special at Damnak Lounge – the first, finest and only highest rooftop restaurant in Siem Reap.

An exciting news is Tilapias being served at Damnak Lounge Restaurant are proved to be better for your health and recommended as the best choice of all since they are wild fish. Each Tilapia is caught fresh daily from a vast scale of a three-hectare natural pond located in Pouk District – less than 30-minute drive from our traditional luxury hotel in Siem Reap, The Privilege Floor. In this way, our guests are guaranteed a daily supply of super fresh fish to ensure the pleasant flavor of the meal expected.

Tilapia pound at Pourk District

Juicy fish fillet at Damnak Lounge Restaurant in Siem Reap is very special for its limited dishes being served on a daily basis since that would best allow our chefs to indulge in the true joy of cooking and preparing merely excellent dishes that would appeal to the tongue and palate of our guests.

A dish is always delicately prepared under an impressive Chef’s own style recipe solely to provide our guests with an exquisite taste of authentic Khmer dining experience ever possible. Fish fillets are readily cut into small-sized portions that allow each piece to fully absorb Chef’s creative specialty of what’s called sweat and sour garlic sauce. Not to mention its irresistible taste, the dish is absolutely a perfect addition to a healthy diet attributed to fantastic recipes of scrumptious wok-fried vegetables. Served with either brown rice or Cambodian jasmine rice (depending on our guest preference) will add a lot more excitement to the taste and undoubtedly leave you with a truly delectable experience.

Our fresh Tilapia fillets are sure to impress at any sharing occasion ranging from a couple dinning to a family sit-down meal that everyone will very much enjoy under the five-star impeccable services together with an inviting atmosphere at one of the most popular rooftop fine-dining restaurants in Siem Reap at The Privilege Floor by BOREI ANGKOR .

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Mr. Luon Suban

Executive Chef

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