Damnak Lounge Fine Dining

If you love fine dining and appreciate trying different cuisines, you will certainly enjoy dining at the Damnak Lounge Fine Dining in Siem Reap. This restaurant has been rated as the number one restaurant in Siem Reap by travelers posting on TripAdvisor.
This is a luxurious setting, which is fully air-conditioned inside and has a beautiful open terrace outside. The Damnak Lounge Fine Dining is one of the finest restaurants serving world-class cuisine, which blends Western flavors with Cambodian cuisine to everyone’s delight in Siem Reap. You must book your reservation in advance and you can do this via our contact information at info@damnak.com.


  A La Carte Menu 
  Beverage Menu


Advance booking is required and your reservations can be made via below contact. 
T: +855 63 965 557 
E: info@damnak.com